Typographics/Text Aimation Video





All Details

  • Professional Script
  • Professional Voice Over
  • Full 1080P HD Quality
  • High Quality Text Animation
  • Background Music
  • Object Elements and Icons
  • Infographics
  • 45-50 Secs
  • 2 Revisions

The power of written text can never be underestimated even when we are in a time of using more visuals than ever before.
Typography is the technical name for “Moving Text”.
Now you can witness how words become lively when amazing typography animations are used with a nice music and voice over.
To define text graphics, we should first define what typography is. To put it simply, it’s the appearance and rendering of the text in your video. It covers the size, arrangement and appearance of your letters. … The best uses of text in video blend the important typography rules with live and motion graphics elements

  • This is a standard pricing and as per client’s requirements, prices may go up. Any changes will be discussed with client.
  • The payment is fully refundable if the client is not willing to work.
  • An Executive shall contact within 1 working day of receipt of payment
  • A professional Script will be created based on description shared by client. The client needs to check the script and approve before the Video is created
  • Any required extra deliverables must be informed by client atleast 2 days before.
  • The work shall start after 1 day of payment being made.
  • The Video to be delivered in 2 working days.
  • Dedicated account Managers will be allotted based on the requirement
  • A maximum of 2 revisions are allowed
  • The Video can be done In any language to be informed by client to the executive before script is written.